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I help people, organisations and businesses creatively tell their story through compelling animation videos.

In today’s world of information overload, spreading your message can be challenging. Animation videos are a powerful tool to cut through the noise, engage your audience and share your story.

I have a background in communications, working as a news journalist for three years in print and television. For the past two years I’ve worked as a freelance writer and animation video creator.


Examples of my work

Live Your Legend

Live Your Legend is an online business that helps people find and do work they love. With over 250,000 email subscribers and local meetups in over 150 cities around the world, Live Your Legend has become a global movement.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with the Live Your Legend team on a number of projects, including creating an animated video for their online course, Live Off Your Passion.

Chief Inspiration Officer Chelsea Dinsmore’s Testimonial

“I’ve worked with Christel on a few projects and find working with her to be effortless. She does the due diligence ahead of time to ensure she knows what you want out of the project but also goes the extra mile to get to know your audience at a deep level so that she can connect with them. This results in a beautifully crafted piece that has the right amount of feeling, information, humor and inspiration combined with a wonderful flow and succinct messaging. Can’t wait to work with Christel again!”




The Free Store

A non-profit organisation, The Free Store is based in Wellington (New Zealand) and daily redistributes perfectly edible surplus food to those that determine themselves in need of it.

I worked with The Free Store to creatively share the story of how the organisation has impacted one person’s life. The process involved interviewing Vincent, the subject of the video. Writing the script, recording and editing the voice over, storyboarding and creating the animation video.

Founder & Director Benjamin Johnson’s Testimonial

benjamin-the-free-store-border“Our organisation is so fortunate to have had Christel Price create an engaging and professional animation to spread our message. The Free Store is a non-profit that redistributes surplus food from inner-city cafes to those in need. We meet people’s immediate food needs but we also cultivate a flourishing community that is diverse, rich and inclusive. We wanted to tell a ‘human story’ of how The Free Store has changed one person’s life so we teamed up with Christel to use animation as the medium to share this. First we met with Christel over coffee to talk about the storyline and we were impressed by her intuitiveness in understanding what we wanted to communicate. When she interviewed the subject of the story she was polite, respectful and guided conversation masterfully. The script she subsequently wrote was nothing short of genius – it was the thing we liked most about the video. Not only is Christel great with visual communication but she is equally talented with written narrative. The finished animation itself was captivating, creative and powerful. It has been shared far and wide across social media, reaching over 10,000 people! Working with Christel was a breeze – we felt like we were in the hands of a professional throughout the whole process and we were confident that the finished result would be incredible. We certainly weren’t disappointed.”  – The Free Store Founder and Director, Benjanmin Johnson



Lifehack works to improve the wellbeing of young New Zealanders. Their goal is to see all young people flourish, developing, modelling and evaluating approaches to innovation in youth-wellbeing.

I collaborated with Lifehack to develop an animation video, explaining how they create impact.

Lifehack’s Gina Rembe shares her thoughts on the work:

“Working with Christel was a delight—in particular her ability to translate content into a tight script was incredibly helpful. Having such a tight articulation of how we work, brought to life through the script and accompanying graphics has been super useful.”


Savvy Up

Teaching work skills to new professionals, Savvy Up helps people learn about the unspoken rules of the workplace and how to succeed within them.

I created four videos for Savvy Up’s online courses. The process included working collaboratively with Savvy Up to craft the scripts, recording and editing the voice overs, storyboarding the videos and putting the animations together. Below is one of the videos I created on forming positive habits.

Directors Christina Curley & Tania Gough’s testimonial

“Christel created a series of animated  videos for our Savvy Up Graduate Onboarding Programme.  We appreciated and were impressed with her creativity and flexibility around our particular needs.  Christel is easy to work with and she exceeded our expectations in the design and delivery of the videos.”


Lang Book Publishing Limited

I create videos on an ongoing basis for Lang Book Publishing, to promote various books published by the company. The books represent a wide range of genres in fiction and non-fiction categories. Below are examples of two videos I’ve created for Lang Book Publishing.

Director Roger Lang’s Testimonial



“Christel’s professionalism and proficiency in her work is outstanding.  Christel makes video commercials for Lang Book Publishing Limited in an animated, voice-over style.  Our clients provide her with a script and she provides back a wonderfully crafted voice-over animation.  Christel is easy to work with and is always looking for ways to do the job for the client with enthusiasm and professionalism.” 




Bespoke packages

I create bespoke video packages for clients. I would love to talk with you about creating videos that will grab the attention of your audience. Please get in touch through the contact form to find out more!