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Is The Fantasy Gap Holding You Back?

The Fantasy Gap

What dreams do you want to achieve?

Perhaps The Fantasy Gap is stopping you from making them happen.

I follow a blog called 127kgs by a New Zealand guy called Shane Gosnell. He lost 60kgs in two years and shares honest and straight-forward advice on weight loss and fitness.

In a post Shane talks about what he calls The Fantasy Gap and this concept doesn’t just apply to weight loss.

In today’s video I break down this concept and how it could be holding you back from your dreams.

How can you make your fantasy gaps smaller? It’s fun to dream about your big goals, but it’s super important to break them down into mini ones and take steps each day to achieve your goals.

Check out 127kgs for more of Shane’s awesome advice on weight loss and fitness.



stace says:

This was really helpful and resonated with me x

Christel says:

Awesome. That makes me happy!

Rachel Price says:

make a lot of sense, i especially loved you stick person’s comments was funny

Christel says:

Thanks Rachel! Thanks for taking the time to watch it and glad you liked the stick person haha.

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