Christel Price

Videos for purpose-driven organisations


"Not only is Christel great with visual communication but she is equally talented with written narrative. The finished animation itself was captivating, creative and powerful. It has been shared far and wide across social media, reaching over 10,000 people! Working with Christel was a breeze."
Benjanmin Johnson
Founder & Director, The Free Store
Working with Christel was a delight—in particular her ability to translate content into a tight script was incredibly helpful. Having such a tight articulation of how we work, brought to life through the script and accompanying graphics has been super useful."
Gina Stevens-Rembe
"I've worked with Christel on a few projects and find working with her to be effortless. She created a beautifully crafted video with the right amount of feeling, information, humor and inspiration, combined with a wonderful flow and succinct messaging. Can't wait to work with Christel again!"
Chelsea Dinsmore
Chief Inspiration Officer, Live Your Legend

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