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How to Stop Worrying + Free Worksheet

How to stop worrying + worksheet

Ah, worrying.

There are so many things in life that can get your head in a spin.

Worrying is a horrible habit to get into, but sometimes it’s super hard to find a way to escape the madness.

I definitely struggle with worrying (and worrying about worrying) and have often desperately gone in search of ways to stop. If only it were as easy as telling yourself to stop worrying and then you’d be done with it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen like that, at least for me!

After going in search for answers and trying a few different things, I came across a mini tip that worked!

If you are looking for an easy trick to help you stop worrying, you’re in luck. Watch the video to find out the simple, yet powerful tip (and also to learn more about my cat obsession).

Thanks for taking the time to watch this video and I hope this simple tip will help you to stop worrying!

I have created a worksheet to help you take this step to stop worrying. You can download it at the bottom of this post.

Remember, that nothing will change unless you do. So make sure you take action!

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

What’s the number one thing you’re worrying about, which you have control over? What’s one step you can take today to improve it?

Or, what’s your number one tip that helps you to stop worrying?

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Stacey Lynch says:

A time in my life where anxiety and worrying is outta control and this made me wet myself and then return to rational thoughts.
U never fail to both crack me up and inspire me.
I want to b u… or b as funny as u x

Christel says:

Haha. Awesome! I’m glad it was able to do the things I was hoping for. I hope the tip also helps with the worrying/anxiety. It’s so easy to get in a constant cycle of worrying thoughts, but good to know there are ways to stop it (at least some of the time). Your comments never fail to both crack me up and inspire me. And they help push me forward. Thanks!

Danielle says:

This is awesome and hilarious!! I love the tip to create a ‘can control and can’t control’ column – that’s really helpful! I’m going to do that next time I go into a worry vacuum! Thanks so much for your tips, can’t wait to see more vids!

Christel says:

Thanks Danielle! Glad you found it helpful and entertaining! Awesome. More to come… 🙂

I love the video so much! I have chilled on the worrying in recent years, I can’t remember what changed, probably John’s influence! But I am learned to calm the voices and be more in the moment. Of course this means I am really lazy now 😉 haha!

Christel says:

Haha. Too funny. Sometimes I find that I can go almost a whole day without being in the moment, moving from one worry to the next. Especially trying to make this online thing happen! But focusing on what I can control has helped me and also celebrating small wins. Being around chilled people also helps. Need to find me one of those haha.

nancy liddle says:

wonderful video! have worked with same video thing and i know what effort you put into it! so clipped, funny and concise and articulate. and spot on!
i also have a little technique you could turn into a video – if i fret and lie there working up a huge FRET – i start thanking the universe for everything – for my dog, my house, my pepper tree, my bed, my neighbours etc etc etc until i feel really peaceful. it works. i sleep! thanks for your lovely post.

Christel says:

Thanks Nancy. Appreciate the great feedback! It does take a lot of effort, doesn’t it. But I really enjoy making them.

Love the tip! Will put that into practice and who knows, could feature in a future video!

I love reading your blog posts Christel, always thought provoking and entertaining 🙂
My number 1 tip that helps me with the ‘worrying syndrome’ is to step outside the picture. See what I can change about the situation and worry less about the things out of my control… Sometimes I am good at this, other times I need a reminder…haha 😉

Christel says:

Thanks Donna! Great advice. Focusing on the things you can control is important. It is at times easier said than done so I definitely also need reminders, a lot haha.

Hi Christel, Wonderful post and video! I have been worrying about my finances and I’m taking action on what I can control which is my attitude and working on my web site and blog!

I’m glad I clicked on your link to remind me what I can do when I get into “worry mode”.

Christel says:

Thanks Paige! It’s so easy to let worry take over but great you are focusing on things you can control. All the best with your website and blog. I like what you’re doing and great you’re helping people to lead healthier lives!

Shannon says:

HAH, i love that video! I wish I could be a dog, lol, but, that is something I cannot control. Thanks for the laugh : )

Christel says:

Thanks Shannon! I’m glad you liked it! Yes, I would also like to be a dog. I’d be happy to come back as either a cat or a dog in the next life. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. But for this life, we must do our best to focus on what we can control and not spend too much time being jealous of our pets haha.

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