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How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

How to stop comparing yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others is an easy habit to get into. I’d like to blame Facebook for this, but the comparison problem existed before Facebook dominated the world.

Author and Speaker Paul Angone says many of us are suffering from the new OCD, Obsessive Comparison Disorder.

Here I share four ways you can deal with the new OCD.

Comparing yourself to others will always make you unhappy. I don’t think it’s possible to completely stop comparing yourself, but you can cut down the amount of time you dwell on it. Just aim to compete against yourself and you’ll find you’re a much happier person.



Gosh, so true isn’t it? Sometimes you just need to be reminded of the simple things. I’m going to take this advice on board and really start to practice it. Thanks Christel!

Christel says:

Yes, it’s so easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others. Especially online! It definitely takes work to practice but worth it for sure. All the best with focusing on your own race:)

I must admit that as you get older, comparing yourself with others becomes less of an obsession! I now concentrate on doing what speaks the truth to ME, what I want to do, and how I want to do it. There’s a fabulous quote, that I can’t remember who said it: “What other people think of you is none of your business”…and it’s true – we can’t control what others think, we can only control what WE think…so think good thoughts about yourself and do what makes you SING!

I think like Paula, I do this less and less as I get older. But I do get inspired by what other people do. I find I am more concerned with shiny things than comparisons… But that is just as dangerous haha!

CaAtherine says:

What a great post! I love the video. I found the more active I am in my own life the less I worry about what others think. Having said that, there are times when the negativity temporarily lives rent free in my head and that’s when I tend to ‘look sideways’. Some very practical advice that I’m going to take on board. Thanks for sharing!

Christel says:

That’s great! Concentrating on what speaks to you is so important. I do love that quote. It’s a great one. Doing what makes you SING is excellent advice. Thanks!

Christel says:

Getting inspired by what others do is great. I guess when it turns to comparison it’s just when it can get dangerous. Ah yes, shiny things is also a problem haha.

Christel says:

Thanks Caatherine! Yes, focusing on your own life definitely leaves less time to worry about others. Haha. I like that, living rent free in your head. Good way to describe it! Best to get them moving on to other accommodation haha.

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