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What It’s Really Like: Self-Publishing Your First Book

Self-publishing your first book

I self-published my first book in July and it was an experience that involved many highs, but also lows.

From my own experience, it’s easy to have unrealistic expectations when you self-publish your first book. You can read a lot of things on the Internet that make you believe that self-publishing will lead to overnight success. I created this video to give a light-hearted look into the highs and lows of putting out your first book. Some people hit it out of the park on their first go, but often they are the exception, not the rule.

Whether you are looking to self-publish, already have, or have no desire to ever put out a book, I hope you enjoy this insight into the world of self-publishing.

If you want to find out more about my self-publishing journey, you can check out my post on the exact steps I took to self-publish my first book.



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