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3 Ways To Overcome Your Inner Critic

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The inner critic can be a real downer and knows exactly how to make you feel super awesome about yourself.

Recently I participated in an inner critic workshop by Sarrah Jayne. It was part of the Flourishing Fellowship by Lifehack. The fellowship is an amazing programme focused on well-being and how you can use your skills and abilities to improve the well-being of young people in New Zealand.

During the workshop I discovered (or was reminded) of a few important facts about the inner critic, and how to overcome the little devil.

To find out more about Lifehack and the Flourishing Fellowship click the picture below.

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Vishal says:

Lovely video Christel. We all struggle with our inner critic. The old saying “Know thyself” is often used in the negative sense only.

It is liberating indeed to share our vulnerability and doubts with others. The problem arises when others tell us that we are wrong or are overthinking. Hence, I think it’s important to surround ourselves with people who are positive and who support us. Thanks for this reminder 🙂

Christel says:

Thanks Vishal! We all do and it’s easy to forget that sometimes. It is liberating to share and not be judged for it. And surrounding yourself with the right people is key. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

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