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Are Others Happier?

We live in a comparison culture. From a young age we are bombarded with messages of what success looks like. We’re told to strive to have an important career, lots of money, a large house, a hot partner, children, lots of friends. It’s not our fault that naturally we compare ourselves. It’s a default mode, really.

In today’s video I talk about the new OCD, obsessive comparison disorder and share a study which gives insights into whether or not we generally believe others are happier and what makes us think that way.

Paul Angone coined the term ‘Obsessive Comparison Disorder’. Isn’t it good? Any unfortunately, all too true in today’s culture.

Also, if you want to do a deeper dive into the study ‘Misery Has More Company Than People Think‘, check it out!

Remember, others aren’t necessarily happier. It’s actually super hard to know just how happy others are and truly, we’ll never know, because we’ll never be them. We can only know how happy we are, and that’s something we can work to improve.