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3 Tips for Rocking Your Goals with Sarah Jensen

3 tips for rocking your goals

We’re almost a month into the new year. Are you already struggling with the goals you set at the start of 2016?

I was lucky enough to interview Sarah Jensen about how to rock your goals. Sarah is from Adelaide, Australia and helps bloggers and business chicks kick ass.

A life coach, internationally published writer and creator of the popular Rock Your Goals workshops and online course, Sarah shares her three tips for rocking your goals.

I discovered Sarah through a Facebook group for bloggers. After checking out her website I fell in love with her authentic writing and honest advice on life and business.

Check out Sarah’s awesome tips on reaching your goals in the video below.

Thanks to Sarah for sharing her wisdom!

Are you a blogger or entrepreneur? If so, you should definitely check out Sarah’s website. There you’ll find super useful blog posts to help you build your list, grow your brand, rock your social media, work with clients and brands you love, host your own amazing workshops, stay sane while you ride the rollercoaster of craziness/awesome that is being in business + more.

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Rachel Price says:

Great video Christel and really great clear advice. Check out sustainable creativity by Michael nobs. His website has heaps of good advice especially his book sustainable creative life. Some of Sarah advice was similar to his.

Shelly says:

Another fantastic video, love these! I definitely need to work on my goal rocking this year. Love the tip on writing stuff down before bed.

Christel says:

I’m glad you enjoyed it! Sarah’s advice is great. Yes, have checked out that website, it’s really good. Will have to check out the book.

Christel says:

Thanks Shelly! It is a great tip. Definitely helpful to reflect on what you want and what you’re doing to make it happen each day. All the best with rocking your goals this year!

Lauren says:

What a fun video! I’m almost at the end of Sarah’s ‘Rock your goals’ on line course – and this is such a fantastic summary. She’s such an inspiration!
First time visiting your blog – think I’ll have a look around 😉

Christel says:

Hey Lauren! Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you enjoyed the video and very cool you are going through the Rock Your Goals course. Sarah is definitely an inspiration and so grateful she shared her wisdom for the video. All the best with rocking your goals this year!

Sarah says:

So glad you enjoyed it Rachel. Christel is pretty awesome! And thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely check out Michael Nobs. 🙂

Sarah says:

Hi Shelly! Thrilled to hear the tips were helpful. And how amazing is the video!? Christel has totally rocked it. 🙂

Sarah says:

Aww big love Lauren. You inspire me too gorgeous one. xx

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