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How To Make Your Dreams A Reality

How to make your dreams a reality

Making your dreams a reality can be like pushing crap uphill. Although I have not literally pushed crap uphill, I can imagine just how un-pretty it would be, similar to chasing your dreams (which is definitely not a picture of perfection).

When you’re younger it’s easy to believe that those who achieve their dreams are “lucky” or “talented”. But as you get older you realise success comes down to much more than just talent or luck.

What have you achieved in 2015?

As 2015 comes to a close, I’ve been thinking about the things that I achieved this year. I self-published my first book, I discovered that I LOVE making animation videos, I got to guest post on Tiny Buddha, I made a positive difference in people’s lives through my job as a Weight Watchers coach and did some cool freelance writing work.

But, I’ve still extremely far from where I want to be. As much as I like working as a weight loss coach, I want to be freelancing full-time. I want to be able to work from anywhere (yes, I know at this stage it’s cliche. I don’t care!). I’ve made progress towards that this year. But it’s been slow.

It’s easy to get discouraged when it comes to chasing your dreams. “Success porn” is everywhere, especially the overnight variety. It’s easy to have unrealistic expectations. The new OCD (Obsessive Comparison Disorder) kicks in, you wonder why it seems that everyone is able to reach their dreams, except you!

In today’s video I share two things to remember when it comes to making your dreams a reality.

Bring on 2016! And let’s keep taking steps towards our dreams!

In the comments I’d love to hear what your dream is and what steps you took this year to help make it a reality. Let’s all inspire each other!

Have an awesome Christmas and New Year celebration.

See you in 2016 (holy crap!).

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Carla says:

Congratulation Christel for all of the things you have achieved this year and thank you for your posts and advice. Your animations always make me chuckle and contain a perfect little nugget of wisdom.
My dream is to become a qualified speech and language therapist. This year, I quit my city job that I hated (after saving up some money of course!) and gained lots of work experience in schools, a hospital and a charity. I am now working as a therapy assistant in a special needs school which I LOVE! Everyday I get to be part of something meaningful. I am applying for postgrad courses which are crazily competitive and I’ve been turned down several times already but I’m determined to continue because I know that with more experience under my belt I will eventually get a place. I am going to learn to drive next year (since therapists need to move around a lot) and will be volunteering in a hospital every Saturday from January.
Chasing & achieving dreams can involve lots of work (application forms!), sacrifices (wage-wise!), setbacks (hello rejection, my old friend) but I’ve had amazing support from my boyfriend, family and friends, and even from my old colleagues. It’s been great to share my dream and see how people support me in reaching it. I’m now so much happier doing something I find rewarding and I am looking forward to 2016.
All the very best to you and all of your readers.

Christel says:

Nice to hear from you Carla and thanks for your comment! It makes me happy that you like my animations:)

I love that you know what you want and are going after it. So cool you have found something you love and that brings you meaning. It was definitely something I was searching for for a long time. I love your persistence to get into the course and totally agree that if you keep going, chances are you will eventually get in. Just like I said in the video, if you work hard enough for long enough you will most likely succeed. Most people quit way too soon. That’s awesome you are going to learn to drive. I missed driving when I lived in London. I’m glad you have a lot of great support and I admire you for the work you are doing to chase your dream and the sacrifices you’ve made. As you say, it’s definitely worth it to live a happier and more fulfilled life. All the best with your goals for 2016!

Oh wow Christel I just LOVE your animations – you are SUPER TALENTED and I’ll definitely keep you in mind for anything I need like that in the future :-)…
Like you, I’ve been wanting to be ‘location independent’ for a few years now but I haven’t found the ‘thing’ that’s going to help make that happen…until a couple of months ago…now I’m working madly on 2 projects that I’m absolutely sure WILL enable me to live my dream and do something I’m actually passionate about. Bring on 2016!!!!

Christel says:

Thanks Paula! Such an awesome compliment. Thank you. It definitely can take a lot of trial and error, but each step gets us closer for sure. I’m glad you have found two projects that will enable you to make what you want happen. Exciting times ahead!!

Your videos just get better and better!

I totally agree about the hard work. I am in love with the idea that you can make amazing things happen in 12 months. But you have to work at it!! You can’t sit on your bum for 12 months hoping for the best!
I love the process of creating something new and feel so lucky that I get to do so many amazing things. But I am really creative and work really hard for it all. A book doesn’t write itself. A video doesn’t film itself. If you want to have a full and varied life, you just have to get on with it and don’t give up until you get what you want.

I subscribed too šŸ™‚ great call to action!

Christel says:

Thanks Serena! I guess it does depend on how hard you work, your previous experience and your belief in your ability. In 12 months I want to be working for myself and I feel like for the first time in a long time I’m a whole lot closer to making it happen. I’ve still got a long way to go, but it’s not a complete fantasy anymore.

I too love the process of creating something new and it’s so cool all the awesome projects you’re working on. But you’ve definitely worked your butt off to get there. And not giving up is a massive part of success.

Thanks for subscribing!

Hi Christel, I LOVE your videos. They are super cute, super easy to digest and always completely resonate with me. This one in particular is a little kick in the backside I need right now, so THANK YOU.
My dream ( a little like yours I suppose) is to be able to work from anywhere – location freedom! I know it’s a long road to get there, but I’m armed and ready to walk the walk. The thing to remember I guess is that you pick yourself up on the days when you feel like it’s all not worth it. I know deep down that one day it will be and it has kept me going since I started almost a year ago. But little videos like the ones you produce are always a good reminder and really help to re-ignite the fire when the flame is burning a little low some days. So THANK YOU for what you do! šŸ™‚

Christel says:

Thanks Sandra! That’s so great to hear that my videos resonate with you.

It is a long road, but as you say, if we’re in it for the long haul we’ll get there! And yes, it is hard on a lot of days and sometimes I second guess myself when I look at my friends who make plenty of money and have a solid career but I feel the same about knowing deep down that I’m heading in the right direction and it will all be worth it!

Exciting that we are on a similar journey and I’m glad my videos can help push you forward a little!

I love your video!!!

I will keep doing my hard work in becoming more me!

Christel says:

Thanks Michael! I’m so glad you love it. Yes, keep working on your dreams. One step at a time. I love what you wrote on your blog about working this year to surround yourself with people who inspire you. May you connect with many inspiring people this year!

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