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Don’t Ever Grow Up

Don't ever grow up

I sat at a bus stop in London at 11pm on Saturday night waiting for my bus to arrive. A little girl in a pink puffer jacket came and sat next to me. She snuggled in close, warming herself behind my arm and I thought don’t ever grow up.

An adult would never do that. I would never walk up to a stranger and use their body for warmth at a bus stop, too afraid of what they (or others) might think of me. This is possibly what is wrong with the world.

This little girl didn’t care where I was from, what religion I believed in, what my job title was, how much I earned, my marital status, what I looked like, how much I weighed or what possessions I owned.

It’s beautiful how children don’t care what people think. They have this perfect humanity to them, that somewhere along the way we lose as adults.

To the little girl with the pink puffer jacket I would like to say if you have to grow up continue to smile at strangers.

Don’t be hardened by all the bad things in the world.

Don’t fear taking risks or opening yourself up to be loved. People will hurt you but don’t let that stop you from being vulnerable.

Don’t get a credit card, no matter how appealing it seems at the time. You will regret it.

Don’t listen to people who tell you that you can’t do something. You can do anything.

Don’t smoke. It will shorten your life.

Keep in touch with people who make you feel good about yourself.

Make an effort to call your parents. Forgive them for not raising you how you think they should have. They are humans too.

Discover what you believe for yourself. Question everything you’re told to believe.

Learn to love yourself, that includes your body.

Try not to judge other people (it can be hard sometimes), you never know what battle they’re fighting or what their story is.

Don’t waste your time worrying about what other people think of you. It’s only important how you view yourself.

Remember that what society and people tell you will make you happy, won’t necessarily make you happy.

Remember that being happy and making others happy are the only important things in life.

As the little girl hoped on her bus she turned back to me an waved. One human being to another. No hesitation, just a simple moment between two people. I shall never forget her.