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How To Achieve Your Goals + Free Worksheet

How to achieve your goals + worksheet

You know those people who are overachievers. Who achieve everything they set out to do. I’m not one of them.

I used to LOVE setting goals and would often get out a piece of paper and pen (how old school) and write down what I WOULD achieve in the next few months, year or five years. However, more often than not I wouldn’t achieve what I wanted to.

Although I set out to achieve all these goals, I also had a belief that I wasn’t able to follow-through on things. Which obviously is an issue, because if you believe you can’t finish things, how will you ever achieve your goals?

So I did some soul-searching, thinking and some Googling and tried to get to the bottom of how to actually achieve goals. I share what I’ve learned in the video.

Do you have any beliefs that are holding you back from your goals? I encourage you to find out what they are and then create small wins each day to change your identity.

Download the How To Reach Your Goals worksheet below.

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nancy liddle says:

A great video and very useful worksheet – it’s sometimes hard to get those random negative ANCIENT comments out of our heads, isn’t it? We forget to remember all the wonderful things we’ve done and only remember the negatives – your video addresses this so clearly and simply. Thank YOU!

Christel says:

It is hard to forget negative things we’re told. They say for every negative thing you’re told you need 7 positive comments to counteract it. We do often forget the positive things we’re told and just focus on the negative. It takes a bit to retrain the brain. Glad you enjoyed the video!

Love this post! Thinking about *all* the steps toward reaching a goal is too overwhelming, but taking one piece at a time is far more manageable.

Christel says:

Thanks Amanda. Too true. And if you just figure out a couple of steps you can take on a daily basis eventually you’ll get there.

This is awesome! And I am totally digging the videos Christel!!

I am totally a “start 10 things and finish 2” kind of person! In fact today I finally launched a project that I have been rolling around in my brain a little bit for 10 years and a lot for 3 years. It’s a long time to be sitting on an idea!!

But it’s here! I am usually surprised at how quickly things can happen once I actually get moving, (and then get moving again!).

Christel says:

Thanks Serena! I’m similar. And sometimes not finishing things is a good thing, because as we go on we learn more about whether or not it’s a good idea, or if it’s something we are really interested in. Congrats on launching the project! Very exciting and think it’s an awesome idea!

Al says:

As always Christel, great video and great advice! And your comment is very true about sometimes not finishing things turns into a life lesson about what we truly want.

Christel says:

Thanks Al! Yes, definitely. I used to feel like not finishing things was a sign I couldn’t follow-through, but also important to remember that some things aren’t meant to be finished.

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