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Have you ever wanted to trade places with your cat?

After spending a few months being jealous of my cat’s life, I realised I was having a crisis.

I yelled, “Help! I need an adult!” Then I realised I was one.

I turned to the universe for answers. It replied, “Become a cat”. Extremely unhelpful advice.

I was stuck with my adult status, and up against many challenges, I decided to figure out how to become a better adult.

I searched to discover how to live the life I wanted, to find contentment and fulfilment, and live up to my potential.

I’ve now found all these things and have an all-in-one product I can sell you at a discounted price, so you can achieve the same.

Disclaimer: Parts of the previous statement may be misleading.

Alright, ya got me! I haven’t figured it out. I still have a lot of questions. The Better Adult Project is about exploring questions.

So, what does it mean to be a better adult?

To me, it’s about understanding yourself and striving to fulfil your own potential. Then it’s about discovering what you want to contribute to the people and world around you, and how to do that.

I explores topics in these areas.

  1. Understanding yourself
  2. Striving to fulfil your own potential
  3. Positive contribution

The Better Adult Project is a collection of short, animated videos with straight-forward tips on how to be a better adult.

I can’t guarantee I’ll succeed at helping you become a better human. But I’ll give it a good try.

If all else fails, there’s always the next life. I’ve already put in my order to be a cat, you’re welcome to join.

Who am I?


I’m Christel. A short girl from New Zealand. You can call me midge (short for midget), I don’t mind.

I went to uni, worked as a news journalist (print & TV) for three years, moved to London for 18 months and then returned to New Zealand. For the past three years I’ve worked as a freelance writer, animation video creator and weight loss coach for Weight Watchers.

I’m a dreamer and will always believe in the pursuit of chasing dreams. I refuse to give up on the things I want. Although, some days I do take much needed breaks.

For me, life is a mixed bag. At times, I am full of wonder at being alive, but it’s also not all sunshine and rainbows. At times life is about self-improvement, but sometimes it’s just about making it through the rough patches.

I love the idea that we can be new every day. That our past doesn’t have to define our future and the possibility that brings. Even if up until this point we’ve made crappy decisions, we can always turn it around.

I want you to know you aren’t alone in your struggles. I believe you are capable of amazing, beautiful things. You are enough, as you are and you are worthy of your greatest dreams and all the awesome things life has to offer.

Quick facts about me:

  • I’ve lived in seven different cities in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. I currently live in Wellington, New Zealand
  • I’m born on leap day, so I’m technically seven years old
  • I love nana naps
  • Climbing trees was one of my favourite things to do as a child
  • I love quotes (yes, I’m one of those people)

Here’s some of The Better Adult Project’s most popular videos:

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